Evolution: A Theory in Crisis – Points to Ponder

by SJL
Inspired by the book "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis", by Dr. Michael Denton.

1. The Fossil record indicates discontinuous change.
2. Evolution is an ideological construct.
3. Evolution is assumed rather than proved.
4. Darwinism is inadequate for Macro-evolution.
5. Nature matches the Typological Model (i.e., the creationist model of kinds).
6. Patterns in Nature do not suggest common descent.
7. The Failure of Homology.
8. The Fossil Record does not support gradualism.
9. The Gaps have not been bridged.
10. The Molecular Biological Revolution does not really support evolution.
11. The Origin of Life is an Enigma that is not explained by evolution.
12. Biochemical Studies support Typology (the creationist model of kinds).
13. Beyond the Reach of Chance.
14. The Puzzle of Perfection.
15. The Priority of the Evolutionary Paradigm.