On the Streets with Rob-roy

Rob-roy is a brother of mine in Christ (click here for his testimony). Over the past several months, I have been encouraged by his emails which share his love for Christ, and his commitment and dedication to sharing the good news of salvation with others who don't know Jesus Christ.

I requested his permission to post excerpts from his emails on the website, and he graciously provided such permission.

The posts below share his experiences as he shares the love of Christ on the streets.

Learn How to Share the Gospel

Now it’s your turn! Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and share the gospel simply, effectively and biblically. Follow the Way of the Master!

Rob-roy highly encourages you to review the Bible and test the Evangelism Resources provided below by Ray Comfort – LivingWaters.com and then follow after Christ to seek and save the lost.  Start now!  Don’t wait.  Time is running out.

o        Hell’s Best Kept Secret: Don't let anything stop you from listening to this incredible teaching.

o        True and False Conversion: This teaching is foundational, and goes hand in hand with Hell's Best Kept Secret.

o        I Got Off at George Street: Wow!  Rob-roy was really impacted by this example of what "just one person" can do. Listen to this incredible true story of how God worked in a little place called George Street... (Worth the listen—only 9 minutes.)

o        The Great News Network: Locate others in your area and join them in seeking and saving the lost.


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