Hope and Comfort
by DP.

Before I received God's free gift of eternal life, I was often lonely, depressed, and worried about my future.

I tried to direct the circumstances in my life to find happiness and when I was not successful, a feeling of panic set in.

One day, I found a tract on a bench at a ski resort that explained how I could pray to receive eternal life. I remember praying and waiting for a dramatic change to occur. Nothing seemed to happen.

Years later, God's plan of salvation was explained to me in a church membership class. A close friend answered my questions and I prayed again to ask Jesus Christ for His free gift of salvation.

As I gradually gave control of my life to Jesus, I found comfort in prayer and in the Bible when times got tough.

I still feel lonely at times, but I know that I will be in heaven with God when I die. I also know that Jesus will always be with me, which brings me great comfort.

I no longer have feelings of total hopelessness because God is in control of all things and loves me unconditionally. This will never change regardless of the circumstances.