The author of the gospel Luke and the book of Acts are the same, the physician Luke. Acts is also addressed to Theophilus who was an individual of some political importance in Rome, as in Luke.

Acts tells us, in general, about the ministries of the apostles, in particular the lives of Peter and Paul.

The book begins with Jesus instructing the apostles, for 40 days after His resurrection! He ascends to Heaven after this period of teaching. Before ascending, He encourages them to wait for the proper time before sharing the gospel with the world. He asks them to wait until they are filled with the Holy Spirit as a guide.

After they were filled with the Holy Spirit they were indeed able to perform many miraculous deeds in the name of the Lord.

Peter, for example was able to heal a homeless man who'd been handicapped from birth, a man bedridden for 8 years and brought a woman Tabitha back from death just to name a few.

The disciples healed many people and performed miracles while preaching the good news that Jesus was Christ and He'd been resurrected. The disciples also encouraged repentance and baptism in His name.

Though their only intent was to do good in the world, from Jerusalem to Rome, they were persecuted by local sects and governments. Persecution took the form of imprisonment, torture, stoning, crucifixion just to name a few.

James and Stephen are killed due to persecution in Acts.

Even in the midst of the horrors that Christians endured during these times, the miracle of God's grace shines.

The Roman citizen named Saul (later named Paul) who'd inflicted his hate on the Christians was blinded for three days until a Christian named Ananias touched him and returned his sight. After this incident Paul became a believer and advocate for Jesus Christ.

This last incident is to remind us that no one is beyond Jesus forgiveness and healing. Anyone at every stage of life can repent and follow the Lord. Even in the midst of the horror of persecution, there is hope for one more saved life.

Authored by LB