Numbers is a book of accounting for all of the people of Israel from Sinai to Moab. The Israelites attempted to follow all of the guidelines set down in Leviticus. However, through many wars they become disheartened and begin to doubt God, grumble, become ungrateful. They begin to lose faith. God chastises them and brings them redirection, assuring them that they are His treasured people. They refuse to take their promise land in Canaan due to lack of faith.

The character Balaam is introduced. He is the Moab leader, a magician and an unbeliever. God reaches Balaam in some rather comical ways. Balaam attempts to curse the Israelites, God fixes his speech so that he actually blesses them. Balaam is stunned. God also speaks to Balaam through his donkey to get his attention. Balaam is amazed. Soon, Balaam learns to respect the power of the Israelite God.

We get to know God in different ways in Numbers. He wants our willful obedience, His love for us is patient and never-ending, His promise is for us to prosper in His way. God is all powerful as well. He can speak through a donkey. He can confuse a magicians' speech. And sometimes, He even seems as if He has a sense of humor.

Authored by LB