Kings II

In the book of Kings II the Israelites struggle again with worship of pagan gods instead of the Lord Almighty.

This gives us an appreciation for the difficulty that human beings encountered with Commandment #1, it didn't come easy for them. The draw to worship Baal, in particular, was very strong for them. Jehu was made king of Israel. Jehu had Jezebel killed for her evil deeds against Israel.

Later Northern Israel grows to greater disbedience (against God), and God then permits the Assyrians to conquer her. Northern Israel fell and her people were exhiled to Assyria.

King Josiah of Judah (southern Israel) restored the temple when Hilkiah found the Lord's Laws and Commandments buried there. King Josiah destroyed some of the pagan temples within southern Israel. For a while southern Israel is obedient to God, but in a while, they drift into disobedience to God. God then permits the Babylonians to conquer southern Israel. So, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon conquers Judah.

The prophets were also particularly interesting in Kings. Elijah is taken up, by God, into heaven. However, before this he appointed Elisha as prophet.

Elisha, with God's help, performed many miracles including: bringing a child back to life, healing a leper, miraculously multiplying bread and grain enough to feed many hungry people, multiplying a poor widow's amount of oil several times over to help her.

Israel also won many battles without fighting, under Elisha's leadership.

Authored by LB