Kings I

The first book of Kings covers the death of King David. King David hands over the kingdom the Solomon. Solomon was very faithful to God at first and asked God only for wisdom to lead the people. Solomon built a beautiful house of worship to honor God. Later in his life however, Solomon took on hundreds of wives and concubines, many of whom worshipped other gods. Solomon was influenced by this and ended up worshipping other gods as well.

Elijah, the prophet at the time, grew tired of the Israelite people worshipping other gods, Baal in particular. Jezebel, wife of King Ahab, encouraged priests who worshipped Baal to settle in Israel and to kill Gods' prophets. Elijah finds out and tells Ahab that he and many of the idolaters will die and dogs will kill Jezebel. Elijah proposed that those who worshipped Baal and those who worshipped God come together to view who was the true God. An offering is placed in front of the altars for both God and Baal. After prayer by the Prophet Elijah, the offering on the altar to Israel's God bursts into flames; and nothing happens to the offering in front of Baals' altar. Later, Ahab, Jezebel and the Baal worshippers die, as Elijah foretold. (The death of Jezebel is recorded in the second book of Kings).

Authored by LB