The book of Genesis starts with God's creation of the universe and the earth. God created the world to have just the right amount of day and night, water and atmosphere, land and vegetation. He also created the world so that we would have seasons, sea animals and land-roving creatures. And, last but not least, He made a man and a woman.

He gave them absolutely everything they could ever need to live and be happy. God provided Adam and Eve with, well, the whole world. But, He told them that if they ate from the tree of knowledge, they would know about good and evil and they would become mortal and eventually die. The serpent in the Garden of Eden encourages Eve to disobey God. She does. She then encourages Adam to disobey and eat the fruit too. Adam takes a bite. Their innocence is gone. God catches them both, trying to hide from their sin. God asks them what happened. Eve blames the snake, Adam blames Eve. God banishes Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden due to their sin.

With respect to the Creation, we see God as creator, designer and generous provider. The cost of sin against God is an important theme is Genesis too. Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. Cain, a son of Adam and Eve, received a mark from God when he kills his brother in jealousy. The sinful world perishes in The Flood. Pride brings about confusion when men build the Tower of Babel. Sodom and Gomorrah is utterly destroyed for sexual sin. However, there is another aspect of God presented in Genesis. God keeps His promises. God is merciful and forgives.

God makes a covenant or promise with Abraham that he will have plenty of descendents and land. Abraham did end up with plenty of descendents and land, but he had to learn to have faith that God would keep His promise. God delivered Joseph from death. Joseph was grateful. Joseph lived well among the Egyptians and granted his brothers mercy and forgiveness for trying to kill him out of jealousy. God in Genesis is represented in many ways. He is our creator and law-giver. He promises to help us, but asks for our faith in Him. He provides us with His mercy and forgiveness and asks us to pass it on to our brothers and sisters.

Authored by LB